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DKE Aerospace Germany GmbH has moved to a new building on 1st July 2015. The new mailing address, telephone and fax numbers are as follows:


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DKE Aerospace is a Management Consulting and System Engineering company specialized in space enabling technologies for downstream applications and services. DKE also offers New Venture Strategies for a wide clientele in the public and private space sector.cimg1793

DKE Aerospace is independent from major space stakeholders and can ensure impartial analysis, balanced assessments and neutral recommendations.

The DKE Aerospace Team is composed of top-level system engineers, business analysts and project managers who have years of experience in the aerospace industry. Our space experts and industrial practitioners are working on a growing number of European and international R&D projects.

As a small and independent firm, we pride ourselves in our deep market knowledge and extensive network at many levels of the aerospace and the space application industry. DKE is engaged in commercial and technical R&D projects as well as in feasibility studies on a variety of demanding space applications. While most of our activities are market feasibility and engineering oriented, we undertake an increasing number of management consulting projects. Both parts are well balanced in our scope of activities..

A particular strength of DKE Aerospace which we would draw upon in this study is the expertise across the entire spectrum of technical, economic and strategic aspects of the space application sector. Our clients have included more than 120 aerospace companies, space agencies, government ministries and international institutions in Europe. Particularly given our long-term industry presence and strong network ties with the space sector stakeholder community, we will be able to extract and deduce critical and relevant information to enhance our analysis performance.
We pride on neutrality as one of our core values, which enables us to analyse and interpret the commercial markets landscape without influence of external forces which may cause conflicts of interest. Throughout all projects we have delivered, we have worked effectively across industrial, institutional and political context, while still maintaining neutrality and integrity in our work and in presenting our findings.


DKE Journal


Welwyn Garden City, UK, 18 April 2015: DKE Aerospace together with e2E Systems Ltd. (prime) and Sunwynd Ltd have kicked off ESA´s Study on “Applications, Markets & Requirements For Next Generation MSS”. The Study aim is to identify the capability gaps in mobile and tactical satcoms and propose technical and non-technical solutions to address these gaps in the interim timescales (before 2020). The approach adopted will be to consolidate and augment the requirements; develop a set of Use Cases relevant to European defence forces; identify the capability gaps in current and incoming mobile and tactical satcom systems;propose a set of technical and non-technical solutions to address these capability gaps; validate these solutions with the users and other stakeholders (refining solutions as necessary); and propose a roadmap and cost the necessary technical developments for these solutions.

Noordwijk, NL, 5 March 2015: Final Presentation was hold at ESTEC for the SIS-SREM Study. SIS-SREM stays for Safety and Information Systems for Ski Resorts in Emerging Markets. The design of a scalable modular service for Ski resort operators and creating a fun tool for their clients on the slopes are the objectives of this project. The study team focuses its efforts on central European and eastern European markets which have demonstrated stabile growth over the past 5 years and still have a good potential in this respect. Together with the investigation and assessment of technical solution, the team  is designing a sustainable business model which will allow the resort operators to serve their clients and fully utilise the income potential outdoor resorts. The SIS-SREM (Safety and Information Systems for Ski Resorts in Emerging Markets) feasibility study investigates and assesses the technical feasibility and commercial viability of a sustainable service which will support the management of ski resorts (development, operation, maintenance) in order to reduce the operational cost and services which support safety and enjoyment of their visitors. Partners involved are aimed at designing and establishing a viable and sustainable operational service. The specification of the integrated system shall combine existing terrestrial assets with space technologies and offer to the end users an attractive solution which is different from the existing services.

Immenstaad, Germany, 28 October 2014: DKE Aerospace cooperates with Mott MacDonald Ltd. and Sunwynd Ltd in the UK on a varitey of new ESA tenders and national space agency studies. The upcoming studies encompass risk and financial analysis as well as strategic outlooks for a handfull ESA member states and their space industry.

Harwell, UK, 14 May 2014: DKE Aerospace has completed ESA´s analysis study on crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is a recent development never before used by ESA programmes. It provides an opportunity to raise money from large numbers of individual investors. This method has been identified by the original study carried out by DKE (D) as highly applicable to ARTES Applications projects/companies because it is most appropriate for raising relatively small amounts of money to support early stage developments. It has the added benefits of being both low cost and low risk for the innovator. For more read.....

Noordwijk, NL, 18 December, 2013: DKE Aerospace together with MottMacDonald and Sunwynd has successfully completed the final presentation of  the ESA study on the applicability of public private partnerships in the development of space-based services. The objective of this contract was to support the development of specialized PPP funding models for satellite-based services; the focus was on the identification of possible PPP schemes that are economically viable, and financially attractive for the funding of future space-based services within ESA´s IAP programme.  For more read .....

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